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Startup founders cheatsheet (Chief product officer)

Define your goals  The basic definition of "mission" and "vision" of the company is critical when we've past the stage of experimenting with the startup's model and helps you prioritise better. From the Expedia page it looks like this: "Our Mission is to Revolutionise Travel Through the Power of Technology", in this case, it is also helping the company know that leveraging and scaling with "technology" is imperative for the company (along with operations). 
Set 2-3 basic targets for the next 2-3 months (possibly 6 months) These might be pretty standard and should align with the mission / vision of the company. If your company wants to be the #1 company in Asia for travel, these basic targets might be: Scale to 100,000 app downloads across platformsIncrease revenue by 15%Increase daily unique visitors to 3 times the current value 
Image Source: Mind the product
Goals help define epics and create a huge backlog Now brainstorming how the targe…
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Image Cropping and Scaling Algorithm using "linear algebra"


I had to formulate an algorithm to convert an image of some resolution - say L x M and
crop / re-size the image into a new resolution say P x R such that I cover the maximum amount 
of points/pixels from the original image.

This can be pretty much applied in a generic way to all programs and websites in need of an optimized algorithm to rescale / reduce the size of the original image in their application such as profile images in social networks etc.


To cover the maximum amount of pixels from the original image we have to focus on cropping the image
to the target aspect ratio first and then re-scaling it to the new resolution. Hence, the problem comes down to achieving the target aspect ratio that would help me capture the maximum amount of pixels of the original image so that I end up with an image which is pretty close to what the original image should have been in the new resolution.


The signature of the function before we started writin…

Google Plus now supports REST based url sharing

Google plus has joined facebook and twitter in supporting REST based sharing on profiles, I am still hunting for the documentation of this, but the url ""
seems to work for every web address now.

This had been limited to some web addresses like, before but now they're pretty much available for use on your website.

Θ Ω Sushant ♂

Stemmers and Lemmatizers in Search Algorithms

Searching / Search Engines are an essential part of every content specific software or web product. The essential part of a good search engine might involve indexing of the content to be searched so that the content can be stored like a hash table to access the content at O(1) complexity.

How do we achieve this indexing? There are two conventional ways to achieve this, which are Forward and Reverse Indexing. While Forward Indexing involves storing the indexes on a sample to token hash table format, Reverse Indexing stores the indexes as token to sample format.

For example if the sentence to be searched is - 'what is love?', the tokens would be 'what', 'is' and 'love'. Now the entry as per forward indexing would store the key as 'what is love?' and the value as a list of tuples 'what', 'is' and 'love', while as per reverse indexing, we would append the keys 'what', 'is' and 'love' withe the sample …

Yet another NodeJS chat prototype

Technologies used :
Express Framework for Node

Disclaimer : The code / concept here is pretty novice, good for people just starting with nodejs but needs a  lot of refinement.

Installation : You can download nodejs installer according to your OS from or use your OS repositories for a copy of nodejs supported by your OS. The rest of your packages viz and express are stored in the nodejs repositories and can installed using the following commands:

> npm install

 > npm install express
MongoDb can be downloaded from the website and you just have to run mongod daemon to ensure the database service is running.
The code for the chat server is available HERE.

Set the mongodb host and port settings on db_ops.js and on the parent folder run:

> node server.js

You would see something like the following image on the server log:

Open up browsers, connect to the server locally via or use you computers IP address a…