Friday, December 24, 2010

Links That Matter

A collection of links that I found useful over the years, I would say this would make the internet a little more creative than the addictive facebook

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo pipes might not be easy to understand, but the UI sets a good example I think for references.

FL Studio

The best way to start creating your own music on a computer. Used professionally by many musicians all over the world.

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Figured it out

I had been thinking about a research project that would actually mean utilizing my Music as well as coding skills

While driving my car back from Gurgaon. I was too engrossed in thinking about an idea that could change the way people code multimedia applications. If graphics could have years old HTML as a really intuitive markup language, why not music. Besides, I was good at both. I reached home and googled about this. Couldn't find anything substantial but some novice work which was again too difficult to understand, though exactly similar what I thought I could make. It's called the Music Markup language or MML in the website.

Still need to think how I would make the compiler and more intuitive. But I'm sure a classier job can be done by me.

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Updated Stuff

We begin coding tomorrow. I will try and finish up as much stuff as I can

The journey has been tough till now and I'm still writing this blog on code. It's because of people who might read it

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