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Yet another NodeJS chat prototype

Technologies used :
Express Framework for Node

Disclaimer : The code / concept here is pretty novice, good for people just starting with nodejs but needs a  lot of refinement.

Installation : You can download nodejs installer according to your OS from or use your OS repositories for a copy of nodejs supported by your OS. The rest of your packages viz and express are stored in the nodejs repositories and can installed using the following commands:

> npm install

 > npm install express

MongoDb can be downloaded from the website and you just have to run mongod daemon to ensure the database service is running.

The code for the chat server is available HERE.

Set the mongodb host and port settings on db_ops.js and on the parent folder run:

> node server.js

You would see something like the following image on the server log:

Open up browsers, connect to the server locally via or use you computers IP address and port 8024 and see the chat in action:

Θ Ω Sushant ♂


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