Monday, January 19, 2009

"Open Source or Microsoft " war!

I love both but there is a war between open source and microsoft. No open source follower will buy the fact of being a part of a product based firm that sells its software and does not have other ways of earning than the consumer itself. Now being a part of such a firm I realise how microsoft has dominated the world with their software. Its the ease of learning and somehow.. Piracy.. open source on the other hand is for us geeks. you can learn as well as get popular in the market ( thus earning a lot of money by individual coding ). By contributing to the society you are actually helping yourself grow as a programmer. You have no investments in the IDE front and also you have all the code availible to you for the softwares that you use daily. You can customize and enhance them and thus be a part of this world. So go ahead.. Be a follower of this Blog! P.S. : I'm working on C#.NET , Linux and Project MONO. And My friends are working on PHP, HTML and CSS. If you guys have any querries or contributions. Start doing it right now. Cheers!

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