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WPF: Window's UI's are now so customizable

Windows Presentation Foundation, intially called the Avalon Project, gets a complete picture with the upcoming .NET 4.0 beta, with WPF Toolkit being integrated to it. Missing features like DataGrid or Calender .. etc. are now fully featured in WPF.

WPF and Silverlight use the XAML markup language to write UI's which are used in windows as well as web programming. They are highly customizable and have killer 3D support. These UI's adopt the Window OS version capabilities and provide UI's as per what the OS is able to support including the Aero Graphics of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

They use Direct X in their back end and are sometimes well suited for Game Development on Windows platform as well.

So WPF and Silverlight are the best UI frameworks to work on in windows and web development.


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