Saturday, February 26, 2011

The face API work - Making of the Auto-Tagger

It's 3:30 am and I finally got my netbook working with Windows and Visual Studio 2010. This was really required as the GTK# UI sucked. I wish I could implement something like XAML for linux as well and wondering why isn't the Mono project prioritizing working on WPF and XAML for the fact that even Silverlight platform is free and also ever since Nokia signed this deal with Microsoft, I think the plans should change (sorry QT Developers but we're gonna take over from here).

An interesting thing to note here is while Silverlight has not been so popular with Web, it would totally rule over the mobile platform which Microsoft is targeting while keeping in mind that HTML5 will be ruling over the web for smart UI applications.

Anyway coming to the point. I had already gotten things  to work on the UI end last weekend and it looked amazing. Now it's time to write the picture recognition canvas

Θ Ω Sushant ♂

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